How to pack wine glasses for a move?

How to pack wine glasses for a move

Wine glasses are notoriously one of the hardest items to pack for a move. Here are some ways to pack your stemware so it will stay safe during your move.

1. Use cell boxes
This is the best way to pack wine glasses for moving. You can purchase cell boxes at packing supply stores, or you can have your moving company deliver them if you are ordering boxes. It is also possible to purchase cell dividers separately. You might even be able to get free cell boxes at wine stores.

Start by putting a bit of crumbled newspaper or packing peanuts at the bottom of each cell for extra cushioning, using tissue paper, bubble wrap, or newspaper, wrap each wine glass individually. Always start by stuffing the paper into the bowl of the wine glass. Then make sure you have carefully wrapped around the stem as this is the most fragile part. Use crumbled newspaper to fill in any gaps and close the box. Be sure to write FRAGILE on it!

Wine glasses should always be packed STEM DOWN in the moving box.

2. Make your own cell boxes
If you don’t have any cell boxes to use for your wine glasses, you can use a regular moving box and create your own “cells” out of pieces of cut cardboard.

Use a box cutter to cut strips of cardboard the same length as the box where you will put the wine glasses.

Line the bottom of the box with ample wadded-up newspaper. You will need this extra cushioning! Wrap each wine glass individually. Then place them into the box in rows. Better each row, put a piece of the cardboard you cut. The idea is to stop the wine glasses from wiggling around and bumping into each other. Fill any empty spaces with newspaper.

Always pack wine glasses separately
Never pack your wine glasses with any other items, such as mugs or vases. The fact that the wine glasses are all the same size will make it easier to fill in gaps in the box so no wiggling occurs, reducing the chances of something breaking.